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About Hopewell Singers

Who Are the Hopewell Singers?  Hopewell Singers is an auditioned choir of 4th and 5th grade students who excel in music and have a strong desire to develop their abilities by participating in an extra-curricular ensemble.  The purpose of the Hopewell Singers is to prepare the mind and body to create beautiful music and communicate that beauty to every audience. Students learn about proper vocal production through studying, rehearsing and performing diverse types of music and participating in musicianship building activities.  Each semester, students prepare a program which is shared with the school and community.  When their program is prepared, Hopewell Singers enjoy “choir-day-out,” taking a day out of school to sing at locations within the community which may include the mall, assisted livings, and Hopewell Best Partners. Other performances include but are not limited to awards days, school luncheons, 5th grade graduation, and Christmas Concert, and Spring Concert.

Membership:  Since Hopewell Singers is a select group, it is possible to achieve excellence in music-making and to experience aesthetic beauty with elementary school voices. Much will be expected of the students who are selected for membership.  Members of Hopewell Singers represent Hopewell Elementary School and will be leaders as well as role models for their peers. ANY student in the 4th or 5th grade may audition.

Attendance and Rehearsals:  Students who are selected for membership are expected to attend all rehearsals and performances.  Rehearsals will be every Tuesday that school is in-session from 2:50-4:00.  The choir will only be as strong and effective as its weakest member; therefore, every student must contribute his best to the group.   When a member is absent from rehearsal, the entire ensemble is affected.  Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each rehearsal.  Three tardies equal one absence.  Students with three unexcused absences will be dismissed from the choir.  An absence may be deemed excused when a doctor’s note is presented or by the director in extenuating circumstances.  There is no excuse for missing a performance other than illness. Please understand that membership is a commitment. 

Auditions: Students who wish to audition should sign up for a five minute after school time slot. Auditions will include pitch matching, pitch retention, and singing the first verse of America (My Country ‘Tis of Thee).  The results will be mailed in a letter to the address provided by the parent.  See the forms link to download the "Hopewell Singers Audition Form," which must be completed and submitted before an audition will be granted. No exeptions will be made for students who have not submitted the form before their audition.

Please NOTE:  Students should decide if they will be able to manage other activities such as basketball and cheering BEFORE auditioning. Only fifty students are selected for Hopewell Singers, and students who quit after being selected take this opportunity away from other potentially elligible students.  Students who quit choir lower the morale of the group and demonstrate a lack of commitment.  Please talk with your child about priorities and making commitments.  Several students have cheered AND played basketball while maintaining their Hopewell Singers attendance, so managing these activities IS possible.  The most important factor is parent communication between the director and coaches.

*Students who are selected for membership will receive a parent and singer handbook with more detailed information about the choir.