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About Me

My name is Allie Dill, and I teach first grade!  I graduated from Tennessee Wesleyan University in the Spring of 2022, and during my education, I had the opportunity to student teach at Hopewell.  I really enjoyed this experience, so I feel so blessed to now officially be a part of the Hopewell family!  One of my main goals each year is for all of my students to see as much academic and personal growth as possible, and I desire to collaborate with those students and their families to find ways that will help us work toward this goal together.  In order to accomplish this goal, I believe that it is important to create a safe, positive, and productive classroom environment where students can learn and have fun as well as to find and provide the best possible supports for each student’s learning.  More important to me than all of this, however, is building relationships and serving students and their families.